Wow! Thanks to two other timely donations, this site is save (since Saturday) for until May 2016! That means I must now be ever vigilant for more pictures, video and info! I’m always grateful to my helpers out there. This site would be nothing without the kindness and generosity of its fans. To at least one more year! Thanks to all of you! I will keep the donations open because it’s always good to have a little extra funding just in case. My personal thanks to Vivian, Stephen, Wes, and Maurice! The love and giving goes on.

OUT OF TIME in 5 days.

Hosting account emailed me early this morning: “This is a reminder that your account # 275755 is past due with a balance of $116.00. Your account will be suspended on 2015-06-23 at 2:00am (PT).”
I have $48.25 donated Judith’s former 1st grade teacher (THANK YOU!); I need about $72 between now and the 23rd! Paypal for some reason takes $2.00 away from the original donated amount is.
PLEASE, PLEASE! I am shamelessly begging you, give anything you can spare or this site WILL BE GONE!!! I cannot stress enough how critical this is! I have no money left of my own or I would have already paid this bill when it was due on May 13th.
PLEASE donate, or by early on the 23rd, it’s bye bye for this Judith site! HELP!!! Please don’t let this site die! Thank you in advance to those who help even if it’s simply to read this message and spread the word!



Running on empty.

As per usual, I must apologize in advance for lack of updates and not updating sooner. The biggest reason for this is because I am as of this moment unable to fully pay my hosting bill. $116 still remain.
There are a number of updates this time around:

  1. A relative of Judith’s first grade teacher has been kind and generous enough to reach out. He has shared pictures of a mouse figurine Judith gave his mom in December of 1984.
  2. New, discovered commercial: Fruit Wrinkles (1986)

Thank you so much, Tracy, for finding and posting this! :)
The page is here: Fruit Wrinkles commercial (1986)

  1. Jaws 4 Premiere Photos

This and three other photos can be found in the candid photos album on this page of the website.
A HUGE thanks to Domi for buying and sending in the photos!

  1. Amber Tamblyn, a who started out as a child actress herself, has a poetry book on celebrities who died tragically. Unsurprisingly, she wrote a poem on Judith.

Amber Tamblyn
To purchase the full book, please go here.

  1. Finally got around to installing a working GUESTBOOK, so if you are inclined to, sign it or read it. Feedback is always loved and appreciated!
  2. So anyone can see and be made aware of site updates, I added a widget in the left hand corner of the screen. It takes you to the latest blog posts when you click on the post titles.

And, once again, I have to shamelessly resort to BEGGING for donations to keep the site afloat. As I stated earlier, my hosting bill is not yet paid in full.


$116 needed to fully pay hosting costs; $176 paid so far. Please give whatever you can!


Still a lot to do on the forum before I’m happy with officially opening it up to membership. The next update will most likely have full details on this.



More youtube copyright drama and The 1988 Project

A day or so after I last updated the site–which, honestly, was pretty recent (Feb. 17th)–youtube informs me that some people at Sony found the clip of Judith in ‘The New Gidget’ and had it deleted because they own the rights to the footage and somehow a clip a little over 1 minute long infringes them from making money. If you’re wondering why that clip is gone here is your answer. First strike against the account, but I’ve been dealt strikes before. Of course it is not my aim to profit or otherwise benefit from 60+ seconds of tv show footage; I only post it to show off Judith.
Anyone know of a site or have space to host Judith’s videos without fear of ticking off copyright holders? Please advise me.

The person behind the website The 1988 Project emailed me to tell me that the site has moved to a new url. The site contains celebrity interviews talking about everything going on that year. It’s also a general site for EVERYTHING topical in 1988. Of course Judith comes up in two interviews:

  1. Kathy Wagner
  1. Heidi Twitchell(Zeigler)

I’ve posted the excepts from Kathy Wagner’s interview before (click on the link to see the past post entry).
Please check the site out and give it some love!

Tinkering away…

Now it is possible to navigate all posted photo and video galleries. The menu has changed radically. It looks like this:
The Photo and Video galleries are now organized by categories: Commercials and print ads (a listing of known and acquired commercials Judith is in), Movies (a listing of known and acquired movies/made for tv movies) and TV Shows (her list of known and acquired tv shows). Hover your pointer over any category and you get a list of available galleries within that category in a submenu. Click on the one you want and it will load.
The forum is coming along and is wordpress style. I still need to make posts and perfect it before it is completely ready.
Also, I downloaded a plugin that gives the site a working guestbook. Yay, finally! Spam and nonsense messages will be deleted.
What I’m working on diligently:

  1. The forum

2. Acquiring a high quality copy of Fatal Passions (will take a while according to individual who has it) and the 1987 Children’s Telethon (no telling when person who has it will get back to me)
3. Getting missing Biz commercial video (heads up, Darrin!)
4. The related links page.
I added:

  1. Baby Kickie (commercial) – for some reason, couldn’t find anyone who posted the video on youtube, so I dug through my backup system DVDs and found the video and uploaded it to the Judith Barsi channel Baby Kickie photo gallery and video page

2. Bottletime Baby (commercial) – same situation with this commercial; I dug around saved files on a backup DVD, found the video I was looking for, and then uploaded it to the Judith Barsi channel – Bottletime Baby site gallery and video page
3. Since my link to a youtube users video of the first episode of ‘The New Twilight Zone’ (the second half of which happened to be Judith’s episode) was deleted for ‘copyright violations’ as per usual on youtube, I uploaded a quick version of all of Judith’s small part from my backup DVD to the Judith Barsi channel. – The (New) Twilight Zone site photo and video gallery page

Slowly, everything is working and getting better. I appreciate all fans’ patience and loyalty. Much more to come!

Bad links! — now FIXED!!!

Yep, had a fan and browser tell me to correct bad links that I failed to see. I have a visual processing disorder (a learning disorder commonly known as dyslexia) that makes it difficult for my mind to view text and symbols properly if the letters aren’t big enough or at least double spaced. She pointed that out, so I am already in her debt. The corrected links are on the Photo/Video Galleries page; they now all work properly. Hooray! Also, The New Gidget flickr photo gallery now displays as it should on its page–faulty coding corrected. Thanks to all the fans who are the reason anything gets done and works perfectly on this site! Love to you all! :-)


And then, there was action and progress!

Wow!!! Sorry, fans, for an outrageous amount of time between real updates. Have had money and life issues—a score of them!

Was hoping to get this done by July 25, an important date in Judith’s timeline, but netflix was late sending the disc. 100+ tries later to get the right images and everything just so, here it is. Like ‘em?


See them all here:

I also put more clips on the “The Land Before Time” page and one more clip on the “All Dogs Go to Heaven” page. The layout is new and links are different in case you have not noticed. It’s also easier to search for anything on the site, so use the search box if you need to.

The forum should be converted soon; I will update after I make sure everything is working smoothly.

More to come.


In case anyone is wondering where the forum disappeared to, I have to get it professionally converted to wordpress bb format, which will take a while because I have to tell the site doing the conversion I have the original full database of the SMF forum. So please have patience. Thanks.

Filling in more gaps…

Rebuilding, reorganizing, and rethinking is a tedious task. I have organized the menu differently so the listing is shorter and to the point. It is now by film or tv category. Judith did mostly TV guest appearances and commercials, so there are a lot of listings there. I also must make note that the default way wordpress organizes anything on a menu listing (or any listing) is to alphabetize the titles. I prefer to chronologically list her appearances, but wordpress does not readily allow such a system. For chronologically listed appearances of Judith, please refer to the or her IMDB listing.

Youtube videos, while convenient, have the headache of not listing video clips that are some other companies or distributors property. Because of this, I cannot post video clips of Judith in the Remington Steele episode. I apologize to fans.

The forum remains open and underused. On this site, you can access it here or more directly here:

To post and read the discussions and information on the forum, you must be a member. Member registration has to be approved because spamming and hacking is rampant. To apply for membership on the forum, please go here. If you are having trouble signing up, I have created a step by step guide on how to do it. If all else fails, email me and I will help you.
Many more flickr powered galleries are up with the corresponding youtube video clip or clips.
On my to do list is to get the few commercials that are not on youtube uploaded and posted; it seems they somehow disappeared.
That’s all for now; thanks for logging in!