christmas for judy

Christmas For Judy!

Once again, I must shamelessly beg in the name of web hosting. I dearly want a VPS hosting plan for this site from in motion hosting. For the whole year, it costs $574.00/year. I am spotting the first $100 with my Christmas money so far. That leaves $474 to raise by December 30, one month from now which is the goal I am setting for me and the site. This means that the site gets and upgrade from 20 GB to 130 GB, 3TB of disk space, 6GB RAM for around $274 more than I currently pay for 20 GB of space. Not bad, huh? This will mean the site will have the capability to receive millions of hits a day and a ton more user activity a year. I will update as I get more Christmas savings to pay with. I probably can spot up to $100 more, but I’m not sure of that yet. I’ve dubbed this project, “Christmas for Judy”. I really hope you can find it in your heart to give–even if it’s only $1! Every penny, every last one–counts, and means ever so much! This has always and will only ever be about Judy and Maria. If we can do this together, I guarantee many more updates in 2016. That’s why updates have been so few–because I have to spend savings on life expenses; a lot of financial emergencies have happened this year for both my boyfriend and me. This probably won’t be the last “solicitation” post, but it is the most shameless plea. I fully realize that. Whatever you can possibly give is fine. I will forever be in your debt. Yours in cyberspace, Celia <3 P.S.-Many, many thanks in adavance! You’ll never know just how much it truly means for Judy, Maria, and this cause! judithfp077

Christmas was Judith’s favorite holiday and time of year!

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