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How To Painlessly Register a Forum Account

You must be at least 13 years old to sign up for the forum.

1. Provide a working, real email address, preferably one you check often. This is so you receive updates to the topics you subscribe to.

2. Choose a user name. Choose an alpha-numeric password–one with both letters and numbers. At least one letter must be in CAPS.

(Examples: itzEWE1982, heatherOr12, iLOVEu2, YESitisme83)

3. Give a valid answer to the question: “What is your favorite Judith role?” It can either be the name of the commercial, tv show, movie, or character name.

4. You must type in the CAPTCHA image provided for you. They are all a combination of letters and numbers and are not case sensitive. 

If you can’t read it or have trouble seeing your CAPTCHA, you have the option to listen to it. Please take advantage of it.

5. Answer 3 basic questions about Judith Barsi. Most of the answers to these questions are easily found on the main Judith Barsi site, her imdb entry, or her wikipedia article

NOTE: all answers should be typed in lowercase, and all questions that require a number as an answer must be typed as numbers. 

(Examples: false, true, elementary, 4th grade, 10)

Advantages to registering a forum account:

1. INSTANT access to the site image gallery

2. Meet fans and make friends

3. Stay informed of all site news and projects

If you still have sign up problems, please email me and I will help you register.

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