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And then, there was action and progress!

Wow!!! Sorry, fans, for an outrageous amount of time between real updates. Have had money and life issues—a score of them!

Was hoping to get this done by July 25, an important date in Judith’s timeline, but netflix was late sending the disc. 100+ tries later to get the right images and everything just so, here it is. Like ‘em?

See them all here:


I also put more clips on the “The Land Before Time” page and one more clip on the “All Dogs Go to Heaven” page. The layout is new and links are different in case you have not noticed. It’s also easier to search for anything on the site, so use the search box if you need to.

The forum should be converted soon; I will update after I make sure everything is working smoothly.

More to come.

Last Updated on January 3, 2020 by Celia

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